Jan 5, 2013

Kyle and Alice's Summer night in Hell - 18+!!!!

This here story is one of my "golden oldies".
I wrote it somewhere around 2004, so it really is an oldie.

I have this story posted at www.literotica.com (adult literature and such) since 2004 and have over 130.000 hits on it. This one is non-consent, there's a lot of violence and foul language, so beware of what you get yourself into if you start reading this.

Strictly 18+ and even then, you need a solid stomach for this one.

It's not just non-consent, it's rape, gang rape.
Brutal, vicious and explicit.
Very explicit.

Apparently, some people seem to love it.

There are also 2 sequels to this, so I'll be posting those later.

Enjoy the read if you think you can handle it and .... be sure to leave me a comment.

Kyle and Alice

The night was warm. The sun set only half an hour ago. They watched it from one of their favorite vintage points, sitting on a wooden bench just above the tree line. It wasn’t easy to get there, but once you knew where it was, you could easily find it again. Kyle picked Alice up for a spin on his new bike earlier that afternoon, and since they were close enough, he took the dirt road up there and they enjoyed the beauty of the landscapes under the bloody red sky. Now they were making their way out of the woods again. Kyle knew the way perfectly well and he was driving carefully. Not necessarily slowly, but Alice trusted him with her life, she knew he wouldn’t take any risks. Once they reached the bottom of the slope, he turned onto the dark and lonely road leading back to town. It would easily take them an hour to get back to his house and if he wanted to go to her place, it would take them twenty minutes extra.
Suddenly a siren howled close behind and red and blue light splashed around. They were being pulled over.

Alice looked back and saw a police van following close behind. She could make out 2 cops in the front and at least one other in the back.
Kyle pulled over and turned the engine off, waiting for the cops to give him further instructions.
The two in front stepped out and came up to them, cautiously. They were expecting the worst, that much was obvious. They both had their guns drawn and pointed at them.
“Miss, get off the bike!” one of them shouted.
Alice swung her leg across the seat and stood next to the bike, looking at Kyle. He gave her a little smile, hoping to comfort her, but Alice could tell he was nervous about this as well.
“Hands on your head and step back towards us!”
Alice obeyed and laced her fingers together, stepping back, away from Kyle. When she reached the front of the van, a third cop appeared at her side and made her turn around, facing the car. He pushed her down on the hood and brought her right arm behind her back, slapping handcuffs on her wrist. Her left arm quickly followed and she stood, handcuffed, leaning against the front of the police van.
She jumped in surprise when the cop started to search her. He wasn’t particularly gentle about it and he lingered on her boobs and ass cheeks. Then he grabbed her arm and spun her around.
“I missed a spot.” he said and his hand moved between her legs, feeling her pussy. Alice tried to squirm away from him. She was too shocked to speak and the only thing she could think of was to try and close her legs.
“Hey, knock it off!” he shouted and slapped her. She screamed in pain as his hand hit her cheek and he grabbed her throat to silence her.
“Shut up, bitch!” he whispered.
Alice tried to look over to where Kyle was and what she saw scared her half to death.

The two cops had ordered Kyle off his bike and were now forcing him to take his clothes off. With two guns pointed at his head, he had no choice but to obey. Once he was naked, they cuffed his hands behind his back and told him to kneel in front of them. The first guy unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out.
“Make me hard!” he said to Kyle, pointing the gun and cocking it. Then he stepped close and shoved himself into Kyle’s face.
Kyle refused to open his mouth and the cop hit him with the barrel of his gun. He was thrown to the ground, a deep cut on his left eyebrow.
“Fine, have it your way!” the cop said and the two of them pulled Kyle to the bike, cuffing his ankles to it and gagging him quickly. They left him there and joined the third one who was still feeling Alice’s pussy.
“She’s not eager either, guys.” he said.
The first one pushed him aside and stood in front of Alice, holding her chin in his hand.
“You’re gonna be a good girl, aren’t you? You’re gonna do as you’re told, right?”
Alice’s eyes were wide with terror and he only smiled at her.
“What I want from you is the blowjob your friend refused to give me. Get down on your knees and give me some head. You fail to do it; your friend takes a bullet in the head. You fail to do it correctly; he’ll need a wheelchair from here on out. You do it right; he doesn’t get hurt at all. Do we understand each other?”
Alice nodded slightly and he let go of her chin.
He took a small step back, leaving just enough room for her to get down to her knees. As soon as her head was within reach, he shoved forward and pressed his cock against her lips.

Alice opened her mouth quickly, hoping to get it over with. He shoved his cock between her parting lips and she gagged on him. She took a deep breath through her nose and started to move her head back and forth, giving the guy what he asked for. She felt him grow in her mouth and she heard him moan in contentment. She was giving him pleasure. He had no reason to hurt Kyle. When he was completely hard, he pulled back and grabbed her hair, tilting her head back so he could look at her.
“Good, now do the same for my boys.”
The grin on his face was evil. Alice swallowed hard and he let go of her hair, stepping aside to let the second have a go. He kept stroking his cock, holding on to the erection.
The second guy was shorter and thinner and he became very hard in a matter of seconds. He let her suck on his cock for a while and then pushed her back, away from his throbbing cock.
“My turn.”
She knew it was the third guy, but she refused to look up. He showed her his cock and she opened her mouth to take him in. He shoved hard, knocking her back against the van. She felt a rush of pain shoot through her back as she hit the metal fender, but the cock in her mouth kept her from screaming out.
He was rougher than the others and didn’t let her give head, he took it. He rode her face hard and fast, banging her against the fender with each thrust. She was trying to keep her hands on the ground to steady herself a little, but he shoved harder and she couldn’t keep her balance.
Minutes went by and he kept thrusting deep into her mouth. Then suddenly, he threw his head back and came. His juices hit the back of her throat with such force that she couldn’t help but swallow. He stayed deep in her mouth until the last bit had shot out of his big cock. Then he pulled away and she dropped to the ground.

“You’re an idiot, Joe!” one of the others shouted.
“Yeah, well, I got off and you guys didn’t.” Joe replied with a touch of sarcasm.
“Get her into the van and strip her, you fucking moron!” ordered the first one.
“Alright, alright. Hold your fuckin horses.”
Joe grabbed Alice by one arm and dragged her to the back of the van. He opened the back doors, pulled her to her feet and pushed her inside. The doors slammed shut behind him. He shoved her hard and she fell forward onto the wooden bench. He came in behind her, leaning on her to keep her down and fumbling with her zipper. He quickly unzipped her pants and pulled them down her legs.
Meanwhile the two other men were having another go at Kyle. They pulled him up and lifted him onto the bike, lying across it on his belly, his ankles still cuffed to the machine. One of them removed his gag and shoved his still hard cock into his face.
“Listen up, dickface! You’re gonna do as you’re told, or your girlfriend eats lead when we’re done with her. You want her to die?”
Kyle shook his head.
“Fine, then you’re gonna open your big mouth and suck my cock. Understood?”
Kyle nodded and he let the man shove his cock between his lips. He gagged and nearly threw up, but the sound of a gun being cocked right beside his head told him to suck it up. The man shoved his cock all the way into Kyle’s mouth, even further, into his throat, thrusting hard and fast. He stepped aside and another cock appeared. Kyle didn’t resist this one either and the second man rode his face even longer. Neither of them came and Kyle was thankful for that. They uncuffed his hands and brought his arms down, cuffing them separately to this side of the bike, and then they gagged him again.

Kyle was scared to death of what was to come, but the men walked away. Leaving him there, hanging butt naked over his bike, his ass exposed to anyone who came down the road. He heard the doors of the van shut and couldn’t help but thinking what they’d be doing to Alice. He tried to pull free of the cuffs, but there was no getting out of them. He couldn’t do anything to help her.
Then he froze.
Something brushed against his ass!!!
He tried to lift his head to look up and behind him, but his hands were tied in such a way that he could hardly move his upper body.
Then he felt it again!
He pulled hard on the cuffs, trying to get his hands free.
“No way you’re getting out of those, buddy.”
The voice scared him because the words sounded cold.
“Relax, you’re not helping yourself by fighting us.”
A hand traveled up his left leg, coming to a halt on his ass.
“You look good from this side. Really, you do. And I’m gonna treat myself to a piece of that fine looking ass of yours.”
Kyle screamed behind his gag and he pulled even harder on the cuffs. To no avail.
“Don’t pull too hard, you wouldn’t want the bike to fall over, would you. It would squash you like a fucking bug.”
Kyle realized he was indeed putting his life in danger. The bike could fall and crush him. He tried to squirm his hands out of the cuffs instead of pulling on his arms with all of his strength, but it only led to laughter.
“Here’s what I’ll do. I guess you still have a virgin ass, so I’ll start with my finger first. Then I’ll add another finger and by then I’m pretty sure you’ll be ready for more. And eager for more as well. By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be beggin to get fucked in the ass. Trust me, you will.”
Kyle was terrified and he tried to keep his muscles tensed as much as he could.

The guy hit him on his ass. Hard! The first contact surprised Kyle and hurt like hell. But then he was expecting the pain and didn’t react to it anymore.
“Fine, have it your way.” the man said and Kyle heard footsteps moving away. Then the door of the van opened and he heard shreds of the conversation that took place. He was starting to feel faint. The blood was rushing to his head and he had to concentrate on staying awake. He focused on the voices he heard, but when the door of the van was shut again, he had nothing to focus on. His head was spinning like crazy and his thoughts drifted. After a while he lost consciousness and hung limply over the bike.
He didn’t feel them untying him and dragging him to the van.
In the van, Alice was stripped of her clothes and her hands cuffed to the side of the van. The leader then pulled her to him and told her to spread her legs. She was trying to fight him, but he reminded her that he would kill Kyle if she didn’t do as he told her. So she let him grab and spread her legs, his fingers finding their way to and inside her pussy in a matter of seconds. She froze as his fingers moved inside of her and he slapped her again. She cried out in surprise, but he slammed his hand over her mouth.
“Tom, come over here.”
The guy moved around the van.
“Stick something in her mouth, I’m fed up with her screaming.”
Tom shoved his cock into her mouth and started to ride her face. Alice’s cries were now perfectly muffled.
Both men laughed and the first one continued to press on into her pussy.
“I want you to fuck my fingers, bitch. Come on, move that fat ass, fuck yourself with my fingers until you come.”
Alice couldn’t speak; she could hardly make a noise. The only thing she could do, was obey, so she started to move her hips, pushing her pussy up towards him, taking his fingers deeper into her body.
“Oh, come on, move faster. I told you to fuck yourself with my fingers. If you don’t come, you’ll piss me off and you honestly don’t want me pissed off at you.”

Alice moved her hips a little faster, but with Tom pinning her head to the floor and her hands tied, she could only do so much.
“Get off Tom, she’s not going to get it right.”
Tom got up without a word and sat on the wooden bench just as Joe came back to the van. He was asking if he could go ahead with Kyle, but he was denied his pleasure.
“He’s about to pass out anyway, gimme a hand with him.”
Tom got out of the van and the two of them got Kyle off the bike, dragged him to the van and pulled him to his feet, cuffing his ankles back together and cuffing his hands to the left rearview mirror. Leaving his limp body hanging out for anybody to see, like a live billboard.
Meanwhile, Alice was trying to do what the guy had told her.
“Hey, Bill, what’s next.” Joe asked when they came back.
“Fuck off! You can have her when I’m done.”
Alice’s eyes became wide with fear again and she froze.
“Don’t stop, bitch. I told you I wanted you to come. You’d better start pumpin that pussy.”
In order to get her going again, he shoved his fingers all the way into her pussy. She wasn’t wet yet, so he was going to have to help her a little. He moved his hand around and placed his thumb onto her clit. She tried to pull away, but he followed and started to rub his thumb across her clit. It only took him a few minutes to get her aroused; he felt her pussy getting wet and her body reacted to his fingers. She picked up where she had left off, pushing herself down over his fingers. He kept rubbing her clit and she moved faster, until her breathing became shallow. She started to make small sounds and they were of pleasure. The feelings that rushed through her body could not be controlled and she gave into her first orgasm.

Now that she was nice and wet, Bill positioned himself between her legs and guided his cock to her throbbing pussy. He entered her without warning and she yelped as his cock filled her up. He slapped her across the face to shut her up. Once he had taken entire possession of her pussy he gave her a second or two to relax and then he started to fuck her. She tried to squirm away from him, but he pinned her to the floor of the van and continued to thrust inside of her. She closed her eyes and tried to block her emotions, but he was giving her a good time, thrusting his entire length in and out of her, rubbing her clit or squeezing her breasts. He took his time with her. The emotions that rose from her pussy slowly took control over her mind and after a while, she found herself moving her hips in unison with his thrusts. Suddenly he paused. The sound of bikes coming down the road drew his attention and he waited for a moment to see what was going to happen.
Three bikers pulled up alongside the van and they were watching Kyle’s limp body. Then they saw his bike and they pulled to the side of the road, a little ahead of the van. One of them got off and started to walk back. Tom stood by Kyle’s bike and waited for him.
“What’s going on here?” the biker asked.
“Nothing much, just a fucking-fest.” Tom replied.
“Don’t see much fuckin goin on.”
“My friend’s in the van with the girl, we just got started.”
“And him?” the biker asked, pointing towards Kyle, “Hangin out to dry or available?”
“Available, we haven’t gotten ‘round to him yet. Like I said, we just got started.”
“Can we join in?”
“Sure, everybody’s welcome. There’s only one rule you need to keep in mind.”
“What’s that?”
“We get first servings of everything.”
“Sure, no problem.”

Tom held out his hand to the biker.
“I’m Tom and that’s Joe over there. The guy in the van is Bill.”
The biker took his hand and shook it.
“I’m Brad and that’s Mike and Slim. Slim is the skinny one.”
The four of them walked back to the van and they talked a little, waiting for Bill to come out.
Since his help wasn’t needed, he returned his attention to Alice and continued to fuck her. He brought her to yet another orgasm, pulled his cock all the way out of her, grabbed her hips and rolled her over.
“Get up on your knees.” he said.
Alice did as she was told, but when he pushed her face down onto the bench and guided his cock to her ass, she let herself fall back to the floor of the van.
“No, don’t! Please don’t do that.” she whispered.
“Don’t make me hurt you.”
“Please don’t.”
“Get back onto your knees and give me your ass.”
“No … no … no …” she shook her head and whispered the word continuously.
He slapped her again.
“Get up and give me your ass.”
“Please …”
“Are you a virgin there?”
Alice couldn’t speak, she only nodded. She was hoping he’d leave her alone.

To her surprise he smiled and got up. He jumped out of the van and went to the other men.
“Who’s up for a piece of virgin ass?” he asked.
Tom jumped up and raised his hand, “I am.” he said eagerly. He usually got to take the virgins, unless Bill really wanted it himself.
“Hey, I wouldn’t mind that myself.” Slim said.
Bill looked at him.
“Depends on how much you’re willing to pay.” he said with a smile.
“One hundred.” Slim replied.
“Two hundred.” Tom said.
“One thousand.” Slim snarled, “One thousand dollars for that virgin ass.” he said pointing at Alice.
Tom was baffled. He didn’t have a thousand bucks.
“Cash and upfront.” Bill said.
“No problem.” Slim replied and reached in his pocket, pulling out a wad of money. He counted the money and handed it to Bill, who counted it a second time.
“She’s all yours.” he said.

Slim walked to the van and gave Alice a good look-over. She was nicely built and she was pretty good-looking. It surprised him that she was still a virgin on one side, but that wouldn’t last much longer.
“Hi,” he said as he climbed into the van and shut the door behind him.
Alice looked at him with big eyes, tears rolling down her cheeks. She heard the conversation, so she knew why he was here.
“Please don’t.”
“Don’t!” he snapped, “Just shut up and do as you’re told. You’re gonna make me hard to start with. I just gave that guy a thousand bucks and I want you to make it worth every penny.”
He moved to her head and pulled his cock out of his pants.
“Make me hard.”
Alice slowly opened her mouth and he waited.
“Treat me well and I’ll extend you the same courtesy.” he said and his voice carried more of a promise than of a threat.
She nodded and took his cock into her mouth. His cock started growing in her mouth in a matter of seconds and she could feel it getting pretty long. Once he was fully erect, he pulled back and looked down at her.
“This is why I’m called Slim, you see. A long and thin dick. Now, get onto your knees.”
She obeyed with a little hesitation.
Slim positioned himself behind her and guided his cock into her wet pussy first. He thrust within her body and she could feel the head hitting the bottom of her pussy. She wasn’t sure if he was all the way in, coz he was pretty long. After a few minutes, he pulled out of her and scooped up some of her juices, rubbing it onto her ass to lubricate it.
When she felt his cock press against her ass, she started to whimper again, pleading with him not to do it. He asked her a few times to shut up, but when she wouldn’t listen; he hit her on the back of her head. She screamed in pain and surprise and he hit her again.
“Shut up or I will hurt you.” he snarled.
The door of the van opened and Bill asked him if he needed any help.
“No, just a gag to shut the bitch up.”
Bill got in and pulled a box out from under the bench. He opened it and took out a rag and a length of rope. With minor effort the two of them pried Alice’s jaws apart and Bill stuffed her mouth with the rag, tying the length of rope over it to keep it in place. She tried to fight them, but Slim pinned her onto her knees, with his cock pressing against her ass and her hands still cuffed to the bottom of the bench. She had nowhere to go.
Bill jumped out of the van and left the door open so they could all enjoy the show.

Now that she was silenced, Slim went on with his business and he pressed hard against her ass. She was trying to fight him and tensed up her muscles as much as she could. He got fed up with her and slapped her ass cheek. She yelped in pain and he continued to hit her until both her ass cheeks were on fire. When the strength went out of her, he took her by surprise, shoving his cock into her ass in one swift move. She cried out behind her gag, but hardly any noise filtered through. Slim shoved again and his cock slid deeper into her body, causing her to jerk and squirm under him. He knew he was hurting her, but she asked for it. He didn’t intend to rape her, just wanted a piece of her ass, but she had given him no choice but to become aggressive and violent. She had none other to blame than herself.
He shoved once more and his balls hit her skin as his entire length disappeared into her tight ass. She squealed but he hardly heard it and started to ride her ass for his own enjoyment. He couldn’t care less if she liked it or not, or if she had an orgasm or not. If she hadn’t fought him, he would’ve done everything for her, now he did it all for himself. So he thrust his entire length deep inside of her, shoving her forward with each move, her head hitting the back of the passenger seat. She was crying continuously now. She was in pain, she was totally helpless and she was being humiliated beyond words. He continued to fuck her until he came, deep inside of her body, his juices squirting into the deepest regions of her bowels. He stayed there for a few seconds until he was done and then pulled back. She collapsed to the floor when he left her, crying her eyes out.
“I told you to behave or I would hurt you. You can only blame yourself for getting raped that way. I wanted to give you pleasure for your first time, but you denied yourself that, and I really don’t think either of the others will give you any.”
She didn’t look up at him but curled herself up like a baby and cried in pain and anger.

Meanwhile the others were getting aroused by the show and Joe and Brad went over to Kyle. He was slowly coming to, but the hands touching him startled him back into the waking world.
When he opened his eyes and saw Brad, he yelled in surprise. Brad punched him in the face to shut him up.
“Don’t piss me off or you’ll take more than a punch. Get onto your feet.”
Kyle pulled on his arms and pushed himself up, leaning against the van for support. Joe untied his hands but tied them behind his back before Kyle could try anything. Besides, he had hardly any feeling in his arms, he’d be surprised if he were able to lift them, let alone try to strike either of these men.
They each grabbed one of his arms and dragged him back to where the others were standing. They made him look at what was happening to Alice and when he turned his head away, Mike punched him in the gut. With the wind knocked out of him, Kyle went down on his knees.
“Perfect!” came a sarcastic snarl, “Just where I wanted you.”
Kyle looked up and saw two men towering over him, both of them were unzipping their pants and they pulled their cocks out nearly at the same time.
“I got aroused watching your bitch give head and I want some too. Suck my dick!” came the order. Kyle knew he had no way out, but he kept his lips together. That only got him another punch to the face. He barely managed to keep his balance but one of the men grabbed his hair and held him up.
“Suck … my … dick!” he repeated while shoving his cock into Kyle’s face. This time, Kyle obeyed and opened his mouth to the man. Within seconds the cock grew to full size and Kyle nearly gagged on it. Mike had his hand loosely on Kyle’s head and was fucking his face rapidly, bringing himself to a fast orgasm. He came into Kyle’s mouth. When he felt the throbbing cock squirt, Kyle pulled away from the man and the sperm shot onto his shoulder and chest instead. By the time Mike got a hold of Kyle’s hair, he was done. He scooped up some of the sperm off Kyle’s chest and smeared it across his face. Then he stepped aside and let Brad have a go.
Having seen what happened, he grabbed Kyle’s hair firmly and held on to him with both hands. Mike stood right behind Kyle and they held his body in place with a knee each. He had absolutely nowhere to go and Brad fucked him hard and fast, hammering his big cock deep into Kyle’s mouth and throat. When he was about to come he gave Mike a wink and they put even more pressure on Kyle’s head. Brad thrust one last time, deep into Kyle’s mouth and his squirting sperm hit the back of his throat with nowhere else to go but down. They held him tight and didn’t let go until Brad was done.

They let go of him at the same time and Kyle fell to the ground, gagging on the sperm, meaning to cough it up.
“If you throw up, you’re dead meat.” a menacing voice sounded right over his head, “Suck it up!” Brad shouted in his ear. A split second later Kyle heard a gun being cocked and when he looked up, he found himself staring down the twin barrels of a shotgun.
“Suck it up or eat lead.” Mike said.
Kyle had no choice but to swallow hard to keep from being sick. They stood around him laughing and he felt even more miserable than before.
Slim joined them and Bill gave him a questioning look.
“So how was she?”
“It could’ve been so much better if she’d let it happen. She had to fight me!” he said with a bit of a sigh, “So I ended up fucking her brains out. She’s a pile of mush right now, not much use to any of us for the time being.”
“We’ll see about that.” Bill answered as he reached down to Kyle, pulling him back onto his knees, “Make me hard so I can finish what I started.”
Kyle gave him a mean look and was immediately treated to a kick in the ribs by Joe.
“Just do as you’re told.”
Bill grabbed his chin and pressed on his jaws, prying them open and shoving his cock inside.
“I’m not gonna come in your mouth, I want myself another piece of her, so just make me hard before I get pissed.”
Kyle relaxed his jaws and Bill shoved his cock deeper inside his mouth. He grabbed Kyle’s hair and moved his head back and forth over his cock, getting hard very quickly and simply turned and walked to the van when he was satisfied.
Kyle stayed on his knees and watched him. When he got back into the van, he didn’t bother to close the door; he would let the rest of them enjoy the view. So he grabbed Alice and pulled her back onto her knees, guiding his cock straight to her ass and entering her without hesitation. She screamed behind her gag.
Kyle shouted out and tried to get to his feet. The cuffs on his ankles kept him down and a kick to his ribs sent him all the way to the ground. They started beating him up and he had no way to defend himself against the blows and kicks.

They beat him up for a while and then Slim and Brad pulled him to his feet. The cut on his left brow was bleeding badly again and his lips were split on one side, more blood dripped from his nose. Mike smeared the blood across Kyle’s face.
“Ask me to stop and I will.” he said softly.
Kyle looked up and knew what the guy was after. He hesitated for a second and Mike punched him in the gut again.
“Only one way to make us stop.” Mike added.
Kyle didn’t hesitate any longer, he knew he would be badly bruised, but so far he had no broken bones. If they kept at it, they might break every bone in his body.
“Please …” he started, “don’t hurt me.”
“What? What was that you said?”
“Please …” Kyle repeated, “please don’t.”
“Beg me!” Mike whispered.
“Please …” Kyle hesitated, but when he saw Slim’s fist rise, he continued, “please … don’t hurt me anymore … I beg you.”
They all laughed and Brad let go of his arm.
“Now how about a piece of his ass.” Mike said to the rest of the group.
“You’re gonna have to wait.” Tom replied.
“Oh? Why’s that?”
“Coz Bill gets first servings, remember.”
“I’ll give you 500 bucks for first serving.”
“Make it a thousand and you can have him.” Bill shouted back from the van.
Mike nodded at Slim and he pulled out the wad again, counting the money and going over to the van to hand it to Bill. He turned halfway and held out his hand. He continued to fuck Alice while he counted the money.
“Have fun!” he shouted and thrust himself deep into Alice’s body.

Slim and Mike grabbed Kyle and dragged him to the van, pushing him down to his knees. Slim threw his weight onto him and pinned him to the floor of the van. Bill reached into the box that still stood open next to Alice’s head and threw them a length of rope.
“Tie that around his waist and across his back, secure it to the hooks in the floor. That’s what they’re there for.”
Slim took the rope and tied one end to one of the hooks, pulled it across Kyle’s waist and then through another hook, then he ran the rope four times across his back and pulled it taut. Then he secured it to a last hook.
“You’ve got this van well equipped for this kind of thing.” Slim said to Bill as he climaxed deep inside Alice’s body.
“It’s got everything we need for in-depth interrogation, if you know what I mean.” Bill replied as he got out of the van, “She’s all yours guys, I’ve had my way with her.”
Joe jumped into the van and quickly turned her onto her back.
“Pussy first, ass next.” he snarled.
She didn’t react to his words.
But she did to his cock. She wasn’t aroused anymore after having been raped in the ass twice and her pussy was no longer wet. He shoved his large cock into her without warning and she twitched in pain. He was totally oblivious of her reaction and hammered himself deep into her. He closed his eyes for a second, feeling how tight her body was around him. Then he began to fuck her hard and fast and when he was about to come, he put both his hands on her throat and started to choke her. When she was about to lose consciousness, he let go and he came at the same time.
She was trying to catch her breath again, but he left her no time, grabbing her hips and rolling her onto her belly, pulling her ass up towards him, he guided his cock into her ass. It was now well prepared and he penetrated her in one thrust. He fucked her hard and brought himself to another climax.

When he was done, he pulled away from her and she collapsed to the floor. He turned around and jumped out of the van. He sat on the grass and watched Mike who was fucking Kyle in the ass. Slim was sitting next to Kyle’s head, holding the shotgun. The barrels of the shotgun disappeared into his mouth. Kyle was in a lot of pain but he dared not make a noise out of fear that Slim would pull the trigger like he said he would. Meanwhile Tom got into the van and pulled Alice onto her knees. She tried to plead with him, but the gag muffled her every noise. He pushed her head down and took possession of her pussy first. He did it in a swift but gentle move and when he could go no further, he remained still within her for a moment, letting her feel his size. He knew Joe was bigger shaped, but the difference wasn’t that big. While he was motionless within her, he reached around and rubbed her clit with his fingers. When he felt her body react to that, he started to slowly thrust inside of her. He kept his fingers on her clit, rubbing and teasing it while he fucked her. She was soon wet again and she moved her hips in unison with him, not much though, just enough to feel him better. His cock was rubbing her g-spot and she felt her orgasm building. He removed the gag from her mouth, allowing her to breathe more easily.
“Don’t make me regret that.” he said.
Alice shook her head and pushed her hips towards him.
Just then Mike climaxed deep into Kyle’s body making him moan in pain. When Mike pulled away from him, Slim removed the shotgun from his mouth and handed it to Mike. He went up to the bench and sat down right beside Alice’s head.
“Lift your head and say hello to my little friend here, I’m sure you remember him.”
Alice looked up but couldn’t see more than the semi-erect cock in front of her. Slim slid across the bench and positioned himself at her head.
“Come on.”
She took his cock into her mouth again and it grew rapidly. Meanwhile Tom kept rubbing her clit and his cock stroked her g-spot. Soon she exploded into another orgasm. She gave Slim a better blowjob than before, sucking hard on his cock and licking along his shaft. He loved it.
When Tom wanted to move onto her ass, Slim stopped him.
“Let’s do this together, you take her ass, I’ll have her pussy.”

Alice started to whimper, but a slap on her ass reminded her to keep her mouth shut.
“I’ll stuff that rag down your throat if you utter another word.” Slim warned her.
“There’s not enough room in here with him there.” Tom said, pointing at Kyle.
“Plenty of room out there.” Slim replied and Tom tossed him the keys to the handcuffs. They dragged her outside and Slim got down onto the grass. Tom cuffed Alice’s hands behind her back and forced her down over Slim. He guided his cock into her wet pussy and pulled her all the way down, his long cock filling her up as before. Then he pulled her body down onto his and Tom positioned himself behind and above her. He slowly guided his cock to her ass and thrust inside of her in a swift and gentle move. He put his feet solidly on the ground and started to fuck her again. Slim followed his rhythm and Brad joined in as well, prying her jaws open and shoving his cock into her mouth.
She was being taken on three sides. Mike was watching them gang rape her while Bill was taking his turn at Kyle’s ass. Joe took over the shotgun from Mike and let it rest on Kyle’s cheek. He was playing with himself, rubbing his cock with his free hand. As soon as Bill came, Joe jumped up and took his place, shoving his cock into Kyle’s ass. He yelled out in pain and seconds later Mike gagged him the way Alice had been. Joe was fucking him hard and fast.

Meanwhile the three men changed positions, Tom was done and moved away from them and Brad took his place. Slim was still lying underneath her, fucking her pussy. Brad was having his way with her ass and Bill went over for another blowjob. He looked Brad in the eyes and started to pace him, fucking her hard and deep from both ends. They came at the same time, Bill deep into her throat, Brad deep in her ass. Slim felt Brad’s cock throbbing through her skin and could barely keep from coming. When Brad and Bill moved away, Slim rolled over and got on top of her again, shoving hard and fast, riding her until he came with great force.
She was totally exhausted and he got up, leaving her there, while he joined the rest of them at the van. Joe was hammering away at Kyle, shoving his large cock deep into the man’s body. Kyle was in much pain and when Joe was about to come, he rammed himself even harder and deeper into that tight ass, causing Kyle to pass out.
Joe came just then and he thrust one last time deep into the limp body in front of him.
They didn’t untie Kyle; they simply left him there while they returned to Alice. Bill pulled her to her feet and blindfolded her. He led her to the side of the van and untied her hands long enough to bring her arms up and tie them to the top of the van with a chain. He got a hold of her left foot and Tom grabbed her right foot. They spread her legs and secured them in place.
Mike, Slim and Brad were curious to see what was going to happen next.
Joe was sitting on the grass, not interested in the least bit by what was going on. He knew what they were going to do and he hated it.
Tom was first. He sat on his knees and stuck his head between her legs. She felt his tongue against her clit and tried to pull away. She couldn’t move. His tongue danced around and next she felt something cold and smooth penetrate her pussy. Seconds later she realized it was a dildo. He turned it on and the vibrations inside of her made her head spin. He continued to lick her clit and she couldn’t fight her orgasm. She screamed and they let her. Next Bill was up. He waited for her orgasm to subside and he started all over again. He took the dildo and put it in her ass instead of her pussy. And even though she was no longer a virgin there, she was yet to have an orgasm. His tongue flicked across her clit for a while and then he turned the dildo on, pushing it all the way into her battered ass, turning it to full speed. She felt something she had never felt before and when her body started to contract around the dildo, she felt her first-ever anal orgasm.

Bill got up and motioned to the three other men that they could have a go as well.
“So, what exactly is the point of this?” Slim asked, “First you fuck her brains out and now this?”
“That makes it even worse for her, coz she can’t fight her orgasm. She’s so tired that she can’t keep her body from reacting to it. It’s bad enough to get raped, let alone gang-raped the way she was, but when the rapist makes you come, it’s even more humiliating.”
“In that case, …” Slim walked right up to Alice and started to fondle her breasts with one hand and licking them while his other hand went for her clit. He had the dildo in hand and he turned it on, letting it play over her clit and between her outer lips. She was begging for him to stop, but her words had no effect.
“Tell me,” Brad said to Tom, “why the blindfold?”
“She can’t see what’s happening, so she has to feel it. And besides, we’ve got one more surprise for her.”
Slim brought her to yet another orgasm and she kept begging for them to stop, to leave her alone. To no avail.
Brad walked up to her and waited a minute or two, picking his ‘tools’ for the mission at hand. He picked a double dildo that would fill both her pussy and her ass up. It was battery operated as well, but instead of just vibrating, both of these things made circles as well. He started on her clit like the others and when she came to his tongue, he penetrated her contracting body with the double dildo’s guiding the two heads into her. He filled her with them and when her orgasm subsided, he threw the switch and returned to her clit, causing her to scream loudly. None of them tried to silence her.

“Hey guys, look who’s awake as well!” Slim shouted from behind the van.
“Well, looks like we can continue.” Tom said, “How about it? You feel up for the rest of your treat? Still three of us to go.”
Kyle pulled on the ropes and tried to move, but couldn’t budge.
“I guess that means you’re good to go.” Tom added while he guided his cock towards Kyle’s ass. He quickly penetrated the man and shoved himself deep into him. Kyle’s eyes opened wide in panic.
“Don’t worry I’ll make it quick.” Tom said and he fucked Kyle fast. He came within minutes and pulled away again.
“See, that wasn’t so bad.”
Kyle was in total despair when Slim and Brad showed up as well.
“Wanna flip a coin over it?” Slim asked.
“No, you go first. I’ve got another idea.”
Slim walked up to Kyle and grabbed his hips.
“I do like tight asses like yours,” he said in a half-whisper, “and I like it even more when that tight ass comes around me.”
Kyle couldn’t believe his ears. This guy was gonna make him come!
Slim took possession of Kyle’s ass and started to fuck him slowly, letting Kyle feel every inch of him. He reached around and started playing with Kyle’s balls in order to get him aroused. It worked. Kyle felt his own cock getting more and more erect by the minute and hated himself for such a lack of control. When Slim took Kyle’s cock into his hand and started stroking it, rubbing his head and teasing the thick vein all the way down his shaft, it made his head spin. The cock moving inside of him was starting to make him feel dizzy and he tried to fight it, tried to shake his head to clear his thoughts. Mike quickly jumped into the van and untied the rope that held Kyle down. At the same time, Slim removed Kyle’s gag and with the rag out of the way, Mike pulled Kyle’s face down over his semi-erect cock. He moved Kyle’s head up and down while Slim kept stroking his cock and thrusting in his ass. Kyle couldn’t fight them, or the feelings that were rushing through his body and he came to Slim’s stroking hand first, then to his throbbing cock. His body contracted around Slim and he picked up the speed, bringing himself to a climax while Kyle was still coming. He sucked hard on Mike’s cock and brought him to another climax as well, oblivious of the fact that Mike came into his throat, swallowing in a reflex.
“That’s a good bitch!” somebody said, but Kyle was too dizzy to react to it. He was panting and his blood was rushing through his veins.

“Well that kinda messes up my plan.”
It was Brad.
“What was your plan?” Mike asked him.
The men walked away from the van so that neither Kyle nor Alice could hear what they were saying.
“I thought it would be nice to let them have a piece of each other as well. So we let the girl down and tell her to give another blowjob … to him. Then we put her down on her back and make him fuck her.”
“What if he doesn’t want to?” Joe asked.
“Doesn’t want to? I’ll have my say in it. She makes him hard; we position him between her legs and guide his cock into her pussy. Then I take his ass and as I fuck him, he fucks her.”
“Jeez, you’ve got a twisted mind. Let’s do it!”
They split up and one group untied Kyle and gagged him again while the others untied Alice and brought her around the back of the van. Kyle was sitting in the back of the van, his legs finally released for the first time since this ordeal started, but his hands still tied behind his back and once again gagged.
They brought Alice around and pushed her down in front of Kyle. They brought her head to his cock.
“Take that cock into your mouth and make him hard.”
She did as they told her.
In a matter of minutes, Kyle’s cock was fully erect again.
“Now lie down and spread your legs.”
They helped her down and she spread her legs without a word. Next Slim and Brad positioned Kyle between her legs and Brad guided Kyle’s cock into her still wet pussy. Then he stepped over Kyle and eased himself into his ass, fucking him as slowly as Slim had done minutes before. With each thrust, Brad forced Kyle’s cock into Alice’s body.

Brad leaned forward, whispered something into Kyle’s ear and stood up, unlocking the handcuffs.
“Do as I tell you or she dies. Make her come and come inside of her. You’ve got five minutes.”
Those were the terrifying words Brad had whispered to him.
Kyle had no choice but to take a more active part in this and he started to thrust into Alice, hating himself more than he hated these six men. Alice was exhausted and she wasn’t eager to respond to him, but he managed to get her aroused once more.
“One minute left. You’d better hurry!”
Kyle pushed himself up a little on his arms, hoping they would still be able to carry his weight. He had hardly any feeling left in them.
This change in position gave him a better angle and pretty soon her breathing got shallower, she was nearly there. Kyle thrust a little faster and suddenly felt her body contract around him. He came at the same time and the look on his face said enough.
“That’s a good boy, you just saved her life. Now let’s see if you can save your own. Get up.”
Kyle heaved his battered body up onto his knees and started to push up, but Brad stopped him.
“That’s just perfect. Stay right there.”
Kyle stayed on his hands on knees.
Brad signaled to the others to get the girl out of there and they quickly pulled her to her feet and dragged her away.

“Now, let’s see how well you obey orders.” Brad said as he removed Kyle’s gag, “One word out of you and you die. Understood?”
Kyle nodded.
“Good! Spread your legs a little further.”
He did as he was told.
Brad guided his cock to Kyle’s ass and rested against the rim.
“Take me inside of you.” Brad ordered.
Kyle pushed his hips back and felt the cock slide into his body.
“Come on … all the way in, you can move as much as you need to.”
Kyle tilted his hips a little and pushed back again, taking more of Brad’s cock into his ass. Brad didn’t move an inch and didn’t help Kyle in any other way. So he moved back a little and felt that big cock sliding ever so deep.
“That’s good, you’re almost there.” Brad encouraged him.
Once his entire length was inside of Kyle’s body, he put both his hands on his hips and held him in place.
“Feel that?”
Kyle nodded.
“That’s my cock right there, I want you to ride me and I want you to take me this deep inside of you on every move. Got it?”
Kyle nodded again and waited for Brad to release his hips. When the hands moved away, Kyle started to rock back and forth, gliding over that cock, letting it slip out of him and then bringing it all the way back inside. Brad was thrilled about Kyle’s obedience and felt like giving him a reach-around, but he didn’t. Later they would bring Kyle to so many climaxes he’d pass out. But not yet.
“Ride me hard and fast.” Brad ordered, “As fast as you can. And make me come.”
Kyle started to move faster and he rode Brad’s cock harder.
“Oh, yeah, that’s it! Harder!”
Kyle clenched his teeth together and pushed on his arms, bringing his body back faster, fucking himself onto Brad’s cock.
“Make me come! … Now!” Brad ordered.
Kyle tilted his hips a little downward and shifted the pressure. It made Brad come nearly instantly. He couldn’t control himself and grabbed Kyle’s hips, pulling him back hard and deep over his throbbing cock, sighing loudly, satisfied with Kyle’s performance.

“That’s a good boy. Now do you want to come as well?”
Kyle shook his head.
“Really? Hmm, I’m gonna ignore that answer.”
Brad pulled back and replaced his cock by a dildo, sliding it into Kyle’s lubricated ass all the way and turning it on once it was all the way in.
“Now close your legs and feel how wonderful that is.”
Kyle obeyed and closed his legs, closing his body around the vibrating dildo. He came within minutes and Brad pushed him down to the ground.
“Stay right here. Don’t move an inch. Don’t even bat an eyelid. If you do, you die after all. Understood?”
There was no reaction whatsoever from Kyle.
“Good.” Brad said, removed the dildo from Kyle’s ass and walked to where the others stood.

“That’s it for us.” Bill was just saying as Brad approached, “They’re all yours from her on, we’re headin off.”
Joe threw Alice’s clothes out of the van and gathered all their things; handcuffs, dildos, ropes and other toys they used. Joe, Bill and Tom got into the van and pulled away, leaving Kyle and Alice to the mercy of the bikers.
“Get your clothes on.” Mike said to Alice, “And you, get your ass over here.” he shouted to Kyle.
Alice got dressed as quick as she could.
Kyle was struggling to get to his feet; the beating he took earlier was catching up with him. Brad went to him and helped him to his feet.
“Come on, let’s get you back in your clothes.”
Kyle looked at him, then looked over to where Alice stood and saw she was dressed already. He limped to the bike and put his clothes on as quickly as he could.
“You were a good sport and I don’t see why we should hurt you any more.” Brad said and slapped him on the shoulder.
“Why did you do it?” Kyle asked.
“Coz we never say no to a good fuck. And that’s what we got, a good fuck. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time, that’s all. If it hadn’t been you, it would’ve been somebody else down the road.”
“I think we would’ve preferred that.”
“Yeah, probably, and it would’ve made no difference to us either. This was nothing personal.”
“I got your name …” Kyle started but Brad raised his hand to stop him from saying something stupid.
“Don’t threaten us! If you do, we’ll kill you on the spot. And then we’ll take your little lady with us and keep her as a sex toy. There’s over forty of us. Do you want that to happen?”
Kyle shook his head.
“No, I didn’t think so. Get on your bike and go home, take a hot bath and get some rest. By the time you wake up tomorrow, this will be nothing more than a memory.”
“And we have to live with it.”
“That’s right, you get a chance to live with it.” he emphasized the word ‘live’.

Mike and Slim walked to the bikes and Alice joined Kyle. When Brad started to walk away, Alice called to him.
“Brad is it?”
He stopped and turned around.
“For what?”
“For not killing us.” Alice said softly.
Brad smiled and turned his back on her, got onto his bike and started the engine. He looked back and shouted over the roar of the three bikes “Take care of yourselves.”, then they gunned the engines and roared off into the night.
Kyle and Alice stood by his bike and he put his arm around her to comfort her.
“Let’s get out of here.” he said softly.
“Are you gonna be okay to drive?”
“I’ll manage, and if I feel I have to stop, I’ll pull over and rest. Don’t worry, I’ll get us home.”
“I’m not worried, not anymore.”
He got onto his bike and turned the ignition on, Alice swung her leg over the seat and rested her body against his. He gunned the engine once, then pulled onto the road.
Their nightly ordeal had finally come to an end.

The End.

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