Feb 9, 2013

The nature of the beast - Non-fiction - all audiences

Okay, so I don't have enough time to get this in on Friday, but that's only a detail, isn't it?

This weeks non-fiction prompt was: Family Traits.

Welcome to my life!

The nature of the beast.

You don’t really pay any attention to it when you’re a kid.
It doesn’t matter.
Really not.
Everyone is different.
One kid is tall, another one short. One has dark hair, another is blond. One likes cats, the other loves dogs.
It’s normal we’re all different.
Or is it?
What if that first kid, isn’t the only one with those traits?
What if there are two?
Two of them tall with dark hair and they both like cats?
And the third?
Well, the third is short, blond and she loves dogs.
It doesn’t matter.
Does it?

It never had.
Not until that day.
Not until the day this third kid found out where all those differences – she had never noticed – came from.
The day she had a good chat with her mom.
She was on vacation, home from her work abroad, and decided to spend the day helping mom at work.
A sunny day, warm and happy.
A good day for a heart-to-heart.

She had been away for work for a while now and had overcome certain things. Things she could finally talk about. Freely and without raising her voice … too much.
She never would’ve expected to find her mom comfortable to talk about certain things as well.
Things that concerned her.
Things they had never talked about.
How come they hadn’t?
Was it because of him?
He’s not even concerned.
Was it because she was afraid of her reactions?
She shouldn’t have been.
Wasn’t it important enough to talk about before she moved out of the house?
How old does one have to be, before they can be told the truth?
Would it matter if they understood?
What is there to understand either way?

That’s the way it is, full stop.
There’s nothing you can do about it.

I like the truth.
Tell me the truth.
I can take it.
And I could’ve taken it a lot sooner!
So what if your husband was an ass who had a debt and asked you to find a solution for it?
So what if the guy your asshole of a husband had a debt with, accepted to find a solution for it?
Maybe I wasn’t the solution, I sure as hell am the result of it!
What shame is there in doing something for love?
There is no shame in doing something for love.
Or did you wait to make sure you knew I understood that, before telling me about it?
Is that why you waited so long?
If it is, you were wrong.
If it isn’t, you were still wrong.

It doesn’t matter.
You shouldn’t have hidden the truth.
Maybe I don’t have our family traits, I sure have yours.
And his.
A little bit of both.
I have your build, your sense of humor, your love for books.
I have his hair color, his love of dogs.

It doesn’t matter.

Does it?


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