Mar 15, 2013

What'll you have - Flash Fiction Friday - All audiences

This week's flash fiction prompt were the words "What'll you have".
This is the idea I've been playing with all week.

I hope you'll enjoy the read and if you feel like participating in this weekly challenge, check the link at the bottom of this post.
There are no restrictions, no obligations and no voting involved, the only 2 things you get are the fun of writing a new - short - story every week if you feel like it and the pleasure of reading other people's take on it.


What’ll you have.

It had been one of those days, filled with thrills and awesome new finds.
He loved days like that.
They were the ones he liked most, because they proved beyond a doubt their hard work wasn’t going to waste.
What was going to waste right now though, was his time.

He had volunteered for a test and now he was standing in line with the other volunteers, waiting.
It was the worst part of it.
The waiting.
The seemingly endless waiting.
Waiting to start the test.
Waiting to get assigned to a specific subject.
Waiting for that subject to arise in the chain of events.

Why had he volunteered again?

Oh, yeah, he remembered.
It earned him extra notes on his own work.
Right now, those extra notes weren’t worth it.
Really not.

He was topless, standing in line with a good dozen others - also topless - and he felt out of place.
Hopelessly out of place.
They were all trim, muscular, tanned.
He stood out with his milky-white tone and wispy arms.
He stood at least 5 inches shorter than the shortest one of them, his torso only half the size of the thinnest one of them.

Why had he volunteered again?

Finally, the line started to move.
One by one, the men in front of him moved up to the counter and made their pick.
Finally, he reached the counter, too.
The man behind the counter looked down on him, a mean grin on his face.

“What’ll you have?”
He pointed and the man handed him his pick.
“Have fun.” he said, barely able to suppress his laughter.

He shook it off, or at least tried to, and followed the others to the large door.
The closer he came to it, the worse he felt about himself.
The worse he felt about participating in this test.
The worse he felt about the item he clasped tightly in his hand.
It weighed heavier with every step he took, pretty soon, he would be unable to hold it, let alone lift it.

Why had he volunteered again?

The doors opened slowly, creaking on badly oiled hinges and the light spilt into the dark hall where they stood waiting.
On the left, a row of helmets reflected the light.
They looked like they weighed half a ton, but he knew he would need it.
One by one, the men advanced, taking a helmet off the shelf and cradling it under their arm, after what they stepped through the open door, into the light.
The drumming of his blood in his ears drowned out any noise there might be and he felt the nerves soar through his body, shaking his slender limbs up.
Finally, he picked up a helmet and stepped out of the hall, into the bright light, onto the hot sand and into the packed arena.

“Gladiators, prepare for combat!”

Why had he volunteered to test the time-traveling machine again?

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  1. Oh my goodness! I had a good chuckle at this one. The increasing sense of impending doom as he walks was spot-on.