Nov 6, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016 - A new beginning

I'm doing it again.

Hopefully this time, I'll keep the updates coming instead of dropping off the radar the way I did last year.

Either way, I'm back at it after finding a 20.000 word story sitting there, hoping it would be finished one day. And that day has come. It's a 24 fan fic so it won't make it into novel-form, but I'm sure folks will enjoy reading it over at my forum just the same.

Yep, Jack is Back!

So, how are things going??
Well, they're going great.
We're on Day 6 and I am at a total of 14.000 words. With the target for Day 6 at 10.000, it's not an understatement to say things are great and I'm happy I've built up a bit of a buffer because I probably won't keep up this pace over the next week.

On Monday, it's back to work (after a week off, mostly due to another bowel problem) and I'm not sure I'll have any energy left to do much writing.
On Tuesday, we have our self-defense class. I might not have a lot of "juice" left after that either. Then again, if I didn't smash my hands to pulp, I should still be able to sit on my couch and type ... we'll see.
On Friday, I have a trip planned with my kid. It's a WWII remembrance visit and since he's interested in the history of WWII, I agreed to do it. Problem being the weather will probably be pretty bad and I don't feel like spending my day running between raindrops.
I'll have to discuss it with him and my mom (it was booked through a friend of hers), but if we end up going, I won't be able to write much (if anything) on Friday either. If we don't go, I'll have a 3-day weekend to catch up on any slack I may have accumulated during the week.

But for now, everything's going great.

Anyone else taking part??
If so, let me know in the comments how you're getting along!

And if you'd like to "buddy" me, I'm MoodyVal.

Here's to more novels!!

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