May 9, 2013

Feel-good time - Blogging

Yesterday was a good day.
In more ways than one.

It started out with a smile because my son (12) asked me if he could stay home from school. He didn't feel like going, because he had 2 hours of maths to look forward to. Now, he's never enjoyed maths much, then again, it's just the basic calculus he has an issue with. Give him anything else, he's ace, but don't ask him to add numbers up or multiply them. Go figure. I was never good with numbers either (only the number "24" has my complete attention LOL), but this, I don't get. It's not like you don't need to add things up or multiply them when you're calculating volume or circumference or whatever and he has no problem with that.

Anyways, it's not even the math class he has a problem with this year, it's the teacher.
Apparently she's constantly complaining about the fact she's getting paid to explain things *once*, not over and over until they get it (what????) and when she's spent too much time complaining, they get to do the exercises at home on their own, instead of doing them in class (and maybe learning something).

Either way, I didn't let him stay home, but the way he asked put a smile on my face.

When I left for work, my bus was a bit late - my son's was on time, so no trouble getting to school - and there was quite some traffic in the city, so that made me miss my shuttle bus to work. This usually upsets me and makes my day less good (because I lose half an hour or more - depending on traffic - and I have to either stay late at work or take a shorter lunch break).

But yesterday, something funny happened.

I was just in time to take another bus (public transport instead of the private service we have for work) and I settled down with my notebook again. I've been writing like a maniac the last few days and I was on a roll, so I went right back to it. At one point, a lady came to sit next to me and she pulled out a book, making me think "I write it, you read it" (I think that sometimes and it always makes me smile). She was still there when I had to get off and as I put my notebook away before my stop, she put her book down and addressed me ... in English.
I had glanced over at her book and noticed she was reading in French, so I never expected it, but I guess she'd been glancing over at what I was writing and went for the English approach.

She asked me if I was a writer, so I told her I am, but unpublished so far. She said she hoped I would get published and I told her I did too and she asked if I had ever published anything, so I told her I post my stories online and told her where to go (Kieferland forum) to find some of my stories. I'm not sure she'll find her way there, but it would sure be awesome if she did.
Now I'm regretting not having business cards with my information, I would've given her one. I'm also regretting waiting till the last possible moment to put my stuff away, because we would've had a little more time to chat if I hadn't. I might've had the time to write down my blog address for her, but since my stop is very close to the previous, I really didn't have time for that. And if I hadn't already been running late for work, I would've gotten off at a later stop.

I got off the bus with a cheesy smile and I kept thinking 'business cards!!' on the way to work.

When I told my mom in the evening, she said "It would've been better if she had told you she was a publisher and wanted to publish your work".
That would've been beyond awesome.

Any which way you look at it, that really made my day (and seriously, I'm still grinning my face off just thinking back to it).

And yesterday was also the last working day of the week. Today's a bank holiday and tomorrow, we have a company holiday, so now I am home for FOUR long days .... four days to write, write, write and write some more.
Keep your eyes on the blog, my friends, because you may be treated to some new stories *very* soon!

Happy Thoughts!!!

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