May 25, 2013

Room ... with a view - Friday Flash Fiction - all audiences

Hello folks!
It's time for another Friday Flash Fiction.
This week's prompt "write a short story from the starting point 'A room with a view'." had the creative juices flowing pretty quickly, but I was on a roll on a story I'm currently writing, so I didn't get around to letting these juices out until now.

I had fun writing it, letting it build up as I went.
I hope you'll enjoy reading it!

Room … with a view.

What a night it had been.
What a party it had been.
So much fun, so much booze.
So many men who had flirted with her.
Oh, yeah, she’d had fun.

Without a doubt, she’d had too much to drink, she wouldn’t argue that, but boy, she had partied hard.
The amount of alcohol she had consumed wasn’t helping her right now, but then again, she had never figured she wouldn’t be given the best room in the house and now found herself in a heated argument with a grumpy night watch who wouldn’t be budged, no matter how much she tried to coo him. When she lost her patience – which, thanks to the booze, happened fairly quickly – the man lost his as well and the argument turned ugly, with threats on both sides. Hers were in vain and she knew it. None of her lawyers could make anything happen at this time of night and in this dump. Yes, that was how quickly her opinion changed when she didn’t get things to go the way she wanted them to.
She wasn’t entirely sure she actually wanted to stay here anymore.
Maybe she should just call her agent and get him to pick her up.
Even at this time of night, she didn’t care.
She was a diva and diva’s got to do that.
But then something happened and the night watch made way for a manager.

“So, what seems to be the problem, missy?” he asked her with an undeniable sarcasm … which she hardly noticed.

“I want a room with a view,” she stated, “and he won’t give me the best room in the house. That’s what’s the problem!”

“I see. Well, we do have one room with an amazing view at sunrise.”

“I want it.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem, it’s free for the time being.”
She made an ugly face at the night watch.
“Can you escort the little lady to her room?”
Now, she stuck out her tongue at him.
Thirty seconds of talking to his boss and she got what she wanted.
Who did he think he was to deny her what was rightfully hers?
Didn’t he know who she was?

“Yes, sir.” the night watch replied submissively, “Right this way, milady.”

Oh, he was going to start charming her now, huh?
That wasn’t going to make things any better between them.
“I want your name and employee number.” she hissed angrily as she took a first – wobbly – step towards him.

“That won’t be necessary.” his boss said meaningfully.

“Oh, thank you. You are such a doll.” she purred, leaning towards him.
He kept her from stroking his cheek, but she thought nothing of it and wobbled on, hoping the room wasn’t too far away.
She wouldn’t make it if it was.

Having now gotten his ass chewed out properly, the night watch even held her door and she pranced by him with a smug smile, wishing him a good night.

“Yeah, sleep tight, princess.” he replied through gritted teeth.
Oh, how she loved to get them all worked up like that.
But he’d had it coming to himself. If he hadn’t been such a pain, nothing would’ve happened.

She crashed onto the bed fully dressed, feeling the mattress sag a little and smelling the faint odor of bleach on the sheets.
She was asleep seconds after her head hit the pillow.

Wake-up was rough and came way too early.
The banging and clanging tore her from her beauty sleep and the alarms wailed incessantly.

‘Fire!’ her tired brain screamed and she jumped up, only to stumble and fall to the cold hard floor.
She didn’t remember the floor being so hard, but then again, she hadn’t been awake much to take in the scenery. She struggled back to her feet, taking support on the edge of the bed, feeling the room spin out of control instantly. Thankfully, the sink wasn’t very far and she didn’t get sick all over the floor like she had at times. When the nausea passed, she splashed her face with water and stood up slowly. She should’ve known better than to get up so fast, but the alarms … She didn’t hear it anymore.
Had it been called off?
Maybe it had been a false alert.
She shrugged and went over to the window, making sure to take support along the way to keep from breaking her face again.

At least the manager hadn’t lied about the view.
It was absolutely amazing.
Breathtaking even.
It almost made her forget the pounding headache and foul taste in her mouth.

The bars on the window spoiled it somewhat, but she would have to do with that for the next 90 days.

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  1. I love this one! A classic scenario, cleverly handled.

    I wish I could know more about the moment she realized where she was. It's not quite clear whether the narrative perspective is clarifying and she hasn't quite clued in yet, or if this is such a common occurrence that she's used to quick jail stints by now. :)

  2. Thanks for your quick reaction, Krisann. I thought the last sentence - about having to do with that view for the next 90 days - would be enough to make it clear this wasn't her first time. I guess not.