Apr 6, 2013

I know why!!

I've read this article in the newspaper yesterday, about President Obama latest "slip of the tongue".
You know what I'm talking about, right?
This thing about the President paying a compliment to a female attorney general.

Well, I know why he did it!
And you know what?
I'm gonna share that secret with you!

Here's what the President said : "She also happens to be, by far, the best looking attorney general".

This simple statement hides a far more powerful truth about President Barack Obama.
You see, truth is, the President is gay.
This is just a simple way of making sure nobody will ever dare even suggest that he is. After all, gay men would never say things like this about women, now would they?
No, seriously. This whole marriage and two daughter thing, it's all just a front. He's hiding well, but compliments such as these are giving him away. I can see right through the whole charade.

Nobody has to worry about that compliment. The man wasn't being "sexist" or "dumb", it was a calculated move, much like so many others have been, to hide the ugly truth about his real and true nature.


No, seriously, all jokes aside, what woman in her right mind would feel offended or belittled or whatever, when one of the most powerful men in this world, pays her a compliment like that?
It's not like the President disrespectfully called her "a hot mama" or anything.
Since when is it wrong for a man to pay a compliment to a woman?
Since when does the whole world go into uproar because a man said something nice about a woman?

I think President Barack Obama is quite the looker, actually!

Is this going to make headlines across the world tomorrow??????
I don't think so.
Is it going to get me in trouble?
If it does, it'll probably be with his wife, and only if she thinks I'm a threat to her, which I'm not because married men are off limits. Period!
How big a wave is it going to make, when I say what I said up there?
I bet it isn't even going to cause a ripple!

So, why is it, that a statement, which is more likely intended as a pun (how many female attorney generals are there anyways?), causes such a huge wave?
Why is it, that we cannot get over ourselves at times like this?
I think it's about time we pulled our thumbs out of our asses and stopped being so goddamn politically correct all the time!

So President Barack Obama paid a compliment to a woman that is not his wife.

Big. Fucking. Deal. (do excuse my Dutch)

I would be honored and flattered if any guy (and I do mean any guy) called me the best looking whatever-job-I-would-be-in-with-normal-colleagues. I sure as hell wouldn't feel offended by it, especially not if that statement were a pun (because I'm the ONLY woman in that job, so I'm obviously the best looking one, no matter how butt-ugly I am).

Tell me one thing.
When did "politically correct" become "with a broom shoved up our asses so deep it pokes out through our nose"?
When did paying someone a compliment become "wrong", or "stupid", or "sexist", when that compliment is given respectfully and eloquently?

What is this world coming to, when everything we say and do is dissected and analyzed, taken apart and reconstructed, reproduced or pulled out of context, just so something negative can be said about it?
Wouldn't this world be a much better place, if we all looked at ourselves first?
How we act, how we speak to others and of others, what we value and what we don't give a damn about.
How can you judge me, if you know nothing about me?
Who are you to judge me, anyways?
Who gave you the right to judge me?
What gave you a reason to judge me?

Who are we to judge what a single man said?

Peace to you!

PS. Just in case, because I just know there will be people who will get their knickers in a twist over the first part of this post :

No offense to anyone, not to President Obama (whom I would love to meet), gays (all of those I've met, are absolutely wonderful people), or anyone else.

Get your knickers out of that twist already and enjoy life!

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