Nov 12, 2015

NaNoWriMo - another update.

Hello guys!

How is everyone today??

Here's another update on my NaNoWriMo project.

Since I decided to skip ahead from the troublesome part, things have gone much better. My daily wordcount is up and so is my average. I did have 2 more slow days on Monday and Tuesday because I was back at work after a week. Mother Nature also decided to leave me my monthly present on Sunday, so I was pretty much a wreck on Monday. If you're a woman, you probably know what I mean.

So, day 8 was a success. Skipping ahead really was a breakthrough and I added a big chunk that day, despite Mother Nature's untimely gift. Over 2.000 words written that day. I believe they call that victory.

Day 9 was okay overall I guess. I did write some after midnight, so that went to Monday's wordcount. I added about 1.300 words.

Day 10, Tuesday, was really bad. Since I hadn't written on Monday evening, there had been no update after midnight. I was worried about it and I kept telling myself I would have to update my count before midnight if I wanted a chance at getting all the badges. And I want them. Seriously! Thankfully, I wrote some during my lunch break at work, mailed it to myself and .... updated my wordcount on the spot. It was a good call because I didn't get any writing done at all that night. I stranded at a mere 520 words, but I got them in. That's another victory for me. Still winning the fight.

Day 11, Wednesday. We had the day off, like most people and I took advantage of it, pouring out another 2.500 words. It simply happened. No problem writing now that I've moved on to the central part of the story. I'll still have to go back to write the missing section, but those are worries for later.

Let's hope I can get a little more writing in the next few days, then it's the weekend again.

Whoop whoop!!!

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