Nov 8, 2015

Update on NaNoWriMo.

Nothing fancy, just a quick update.

First off: I'm still writing!!
And I've been writing every single day!!

That alone is a victory worth celebrating.
A victory over my writing lethargy (can't call it anything else, really).

Sure, I've had a hard time. I wasn't used to it anymore. Sitting at my desk for so long and hammering away at my keyboard. I've had my distractions (Facebook mainly) and I've had my troubles (migraine, you suck!!) which caused me to fall behind on the target word count.

On day 3, I was really close, just a few dozen words away from the target.

On day 4, migraine struck, keeping me home from work, but away from my computer screen as well. I only managed a few hundred words and that's only because I forced myself to write at least *something*. I wanted an updated word count and I really didn't want to skip a day. I didn't. I didn't write much, but I wrote.
Another victory.

Day 5 was a small day as well, again a few hundred words only, again because I forced myself to get at least *some* writing done. Another updated word count. Another small victory.

Day 6 was better, the headaches less intense and the writing more focused.

Day 7 saw me getting back into it, but glaring at the receding target line. I was only about halfway where I should've been. The fact my story wasn't letting me write it as smoothly as I should be writing, didn't really help. I struggled mainly because the beginning of the story wasn't really planned. I had a "vague idea" of how things would happen. The main section was much more detailed in my mind, but I had a hard time getting there.

Day 8 (today): Breakthrough!
With a little advice from my friends over at FWG, I decided to skip the "hard" part and get cracking on the main section. In just a few hours, I added over 1500 words. The best part? This day is far from being over.

I'm gonna hit the hay for a few hours of sleep and then I'm gonna get back to it.
Hopefully I will get my wordcount up to where it needs to be (+/- 4k left to go). If I can achieve that goal, I can achieve anything.

Bye for now!!!

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